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…and what its potential value?


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Why is transition planning important?

The numbers tell the story. Up to 80% of the privately held small and mid-size businesses in this country will be involved in a business transition in the next 20 years. The baby boomer “Age Wave” is here now and will be gaining in volume in the years to come. These boomers represent the greatest entrepreneurial generation in our country’s history having created more enterprises, jobs, and positive economic impact than any other….

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A Structured Process

As more and more baby boomers retire, there will be an increasing number of businesses for sale to an ever decreasing number of potential buyers. With increasing supply and decreasing demand, a strategic approach and structured process are critical for optimizing business value, creating transition opportunities, and fulfilling owner needs and objectives. We specialize in structuring and implementing business transitions to deliver results that satisfy the owner’s stated goals.

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Why is Optimized Business Transitions the best partner of choice?

Most business exit planners focus on the transaction event as this event dictates the many ways in which they get compensated to sell your business. In partnership with our parent company, SC Financial Services, Inc., we combine our expertise as business owners, personal financial planners and business consultants to provide our clients a comprehensive experience which includes both business and personal perspectives…..

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Should You Pay Off Debt or Save for Retirement?

Should you pay off debt or save for retirement? That’s a good question. These points may help you decide.

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