Why is Optimized Business Transitions the best partner of choice?

Most business exit planners focus on the transaction event as this event dictates the many ways in which they get compensated to sell your business. As a division of SC Financial Services Inc. (www.scfinancialservices.com), we have harnessed the value of putting our client’s needs, goals, and objectives first. Understanding the personal and financial goals of the business owner relative to the planning for the business, the family, and the future is our starting point. Once we understand what the big picture looks like, we can then apply our technical expertise in the areas of personal financial planning and business financial consulting to create the optimal road map to fulfillment.

When it comes to selling your business to an outside buyer, one of the primary goals is to reduce the risk in the business as an investment from the perspective of the potential buyer.  From the buyer’s perspective, the lower  the risk, the higher the value. Optimized Business Transitions LLC. employs a proven structured process to reduce risk and variability and deliver increased value.  The process also helps reduce the emotions of the process.  The results are tangible and contribute to the exiting owner fulfilling the stated objectives.