Optimized Business Transitions

Why is Optimized Business Transitions the best partner of choice?

Most business exit planners focus on the transaction event as this event dictates the many ways in which they get compensated to sell your business.  In partnership with our parent company, SC Financial Services, Inc., we combine our expertise as business owners, personal financial planners and business consultants to provide our clients a comprehensive experience which includes both business and personal perspectives.  Understanding the goals of the business owner relative to the planning for the business, the family, and the future is our starting point.  Once we understand what the big picture looks like, we can then apply our technical expertise in the areas of personal financial planning and business consulting to create the optimal road map to fulfillment.

What differentiates and defines an Optimized Business Transition is the combination and connection of the personal financial planning with the assessment and implementation of strategic business initiatives to ready the business for transition.   When the transition objective is to sell your business to an outside buyer, one of the primary ways to increase value is to reduce the perceived risks within the business from the perspective of the potential buyer.  The lower the risk, the higher the investment value. Optimized Business Transitions LLC employs a proven structured process to assess and reduce risk, develop and foster growth, and deliver increased value.  The process also helps reduce the emotions during the transition.  The results are tangible and contribute to the owner achieving both business and personal goals.