Our Services – A Proven 3 Step Process


Getting to know you and your business…where you are now and where do you want to go (or to be)

  • The Critical First Step…Take our Free Business Discovery Assessment... You company should be analyzed across all of its operational areas (operations, sales & marketing,
    brand, senior management, recurring revenue, etc.) that reveal the strength or holes within your current business.
  • You will learn what your company is worth today, and what its true potential is if you unlock its operational value.  The “value gap” between today’s value and it’s true potential shows you what is possible.
  • You should be able to determine from this initial interaction if your consultant seems capable of understanding your business and whether you can trust their expertise.


  • Once you have elected to Optimize your business, and as part of the formal engagement, we dive right in for a much deeper assessment of your business operation. — budget at least 60-90 minutes to thoroughly provide the information we need for this thorough analysis.
  • Personal Financial Needs Analysis – Financial planning is critical to understanding the financial demands of the owner.  Most business owners have the majority of wealth tied up in their business. Financial planning defines the owners financial needs post transition and confirms the viability and timing of the transition options.  A properly constructed financial plan includes careful assessment and recommendations to address all these areas and determines the net proceed requirements for a successful transition process that maps to fulfilling the owners goals.  This further personalizes and solidifies the plan with dates, resources and expected ROI.
  • Furthermore, we consider 18 separate operational “Value Drivers” in your business and show you the potential ROI of improvements in each of those so you can prioritize the areas of focus.  We provide this information through detailed reports and an Owners Dashboard. So in addition to calculating your potential business value and rating your operations, your report will benchmark you against your best-performing peers. This allows you to clearly see the risks to your company, how to fix them, and what your company could be worth afterimplementation.


Best practice is to list specific tasks to increase company strength and value; including a means to track increased value over time. A dynamic, actionable plan will guide you through implementing best practices, strengthening operations and building value. The Optimized plan of action illustrates the impact of our recommendations on the results of a successful implementation. Tax considerations to minimize the impact of taxation and defer capital gains and the impact on the net proceeds. Estate planning structure and relevance to the owners stated goals and objectives.  Connecting the personal, family and business goals into a consolidated vision where the best attainable outcomes are defined.  This includes showing how the business planning ties into the personal planning and the legacy estate planning for the future.


And if you want to transition your now Optimized business, we can help with these additonal services

  • Pre-transaction due diligence on the business
  • Certified Business Valuation
  • Creation of the Financial Plan
  • Exit option selection and preparation
  • Updates to the estate plan
  • Timing and Execution of the transition process