Why OBT?

Most business exit planners focus on the transaction event as this event dictates the many ways in which they get compensated to sell your business. As a division of SC Financial Services Inc., we have harnessed the value of putting our client’s needs, goals, and objectives first. Understanding the personal and financial goals of the business owner relative to the planning for the business, the family, and the future is our starting point. Once we understand what the big picture looks like, we can then apply our technical expertise in the areas of personal financial planning and business consulting to create the “Optimized” road map to fulfillment.


  • Do you have as much market share as the competition?
  • Are you working too many hours at the office?
  • Does your job makes you tense– taking too many purple acid reflux pills?
  • Is your family taking a back seat to your business?
  • Can you go on a real vacation without constantly worrying about your company?
  • Are you are having HR issues—hiring the wrong fit, can’t pay competitive rates, or your team is not motivated?
  • Does tax time feels like death warmed over?
  • You can’t meet your revenue numbers –and sometimes even your payroll?
  • Do you have stagnant sales or no growth?
  • Does anyone recognize and value your brand?
  • Do you even know where your company has weaknesses (and how it compares to its peers)?
  • Do you wonder how to get back to a place where running your company is fun and rewarding?
  • Do you wish you could just push a button and get your company fixed and performing efficiently?


Hire. You could hire additional help—but you may not even know what the REAL issue is (think it is sales—when it may be a lack of leads…or you may not know the right skill set to look for)–so you could hire the wrong person (and create another headache).

Big Consulting Firm. You could hire a big consulting firm like McKinsey, Bain & Company or Accenture— but you pay outrageous rates (much of it for executive overhead) and usually get a bright, but relatively inexperienced “junior consultant,” who hasn’t really been in the trenches and is cutting their teeth at your expense.

Or you get great advice, but they don’t know how to help you execute. Or maybe they can execute for you—at a massive, non-competitive cost.

So… the big question. How do you get the help you need, discover the real issues holding you back, either strategic or tactical, quickly, and at an affordable price?